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this week on Amazon: 1.2.18

So the theme for this week [I know it has been months since the last post like this] is resolutions. The products I’m sharing/recommending are ones that can help you keep your resolutions.

Reduce waste. Use refillable water bottles and refillable coffee mugs instead of disposable Starbucks cups and disposable water bottles. KeepCup makes these cute refillable coffee mugs in different sizes, and I love HydroFlask for water bottles. I like cold water, and water in this stays ice cold all day.
Product Details

Reduce spending. Kakebo is the Japanese art of saving money. Basically, they utilize a planning method where at the beginning of the month, you make a detailed list of the things you will need to spend money on for the upcoming month [or 4 weeks]. That way you are prepared for things to come and you have a stash of “extra” money if needed as well. It apparently successfully decreases spending by 35%. Here’s an article about it. And here is a book. I don’t think you really need the book, but if you’re a person that benefits from something tangible.

Plan. I bought this recently to streamline meal-planning and grocery shopping. I’ll let you know how effective it actually is, but it seems really helpful.

Read. So one of my resolutions was to read more, and this is one of the first books on my list. One of the greatest science-related books of our time, and I haven’t read it yet.

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