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Singapore. Thailand. Cambodia. Vietnam.

I just returned from a whirlwind 15 day Asian vacation with my family. I write this at 3:00 PM EST while my eyes feel as though it is 3:00 AM. The trip was beautiful, glamorous, and exciting one minute and heart-breaking, exhausting, and stressful the next. I saw poverty, heard about abuse (elephant abuse specifically), and pollution. I also saw beautiful blue waters, immensely incredible ancient buildings, and glittering skylines. I experience immense kindness and also was verbally accosted by a pseudo cab driver in Vietnam. Since coming back, my head has kind of been in a cloud. Partially jet lag, and partially with immense gratitude and appreciation for my life, the people in it, and the country that I live in. Coming back to work has been wonderful – I love the people I work with both in the clinic where I see patients [love my patients as well], and I love the residents and working in the residency clinic. I don’t want this post to be specifics about what I did as much as I want it to be about what I feel.

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