It’s been a while…

Guilty as charged. I haven’t been writing on this!

I can’t believe the year is > half over. This year has been a whirlwind to say the least.

January: We went to Asia for over two weeks. My parents, my sister and her husband, my husband Mark, and I. We went to Singapore, Thailand (Phuket and Bangkok), Vietnam (Hanoi and Saigon), and a brief day in Tokyo. It was amazing! Highlights were an elephant sanctuary, Thai food, and family in Singapore.

February: A primary care physician (my PCP ironically) retired from her practice at my hospital so I took over her patients and my schedule got a little haphazard and funky as I was balancing two clinic locations, one with all brand new patients to me, precepting the residents, and rounding every 6 weeks. Another fun event was the Jump Back Ball at Playhouse Square – it was sci-fi themed so Star Wars, Star Trek, Back to the Future, and 2001: A Space Odyssey were heavily featured.

March: I’m sure something happened in March! But it’s hard to think back and recollect everything.

April: A quick weekend trip to Disney World/Orlando that started with Mark having a work trip there and me wanting to visit my friend Anita. It also just so happened to be Disney’s Star Wars half-marathon, so we ran it. Without training. And then did Magic Kingdom that day and Epcot the day after. We survived! Minus some IT band pain from Mark but… worth it.

May: We went to Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands for a 4-5 days. The day before we left (Star Wars day – May the 4th be with you) we saw a house, put in an offer on a house, and signed on a house – all in one day! I literally was discussing mortgage rates and figuring things out from 7 Mile Beach in the following days because we already had this trip planned. We also had a weekend in Indy/Chicago where we saw Hamilton as a present from my parents, and a week later we saw Aladdin at Playhouse Square in Cleveland.

June: My cousin’s wedding in NYC and moving out of our apartment were highlights. We finished moving out of there and into our new house on June 30th, using every minute we could manage.

July: Settling in, unpacking, and ordering furniture – definitely a month to fill and clean and organize our new home. We went to the Yayoi Kusama exhibit in Cleveland too which was awesome.

August: Cedar Point with some friends. My dad is in Tanzania climbing Mount Kilimanjaro as we speak – updates on that later when he gets home. A big change recently was that the hospital I did the majority of my residency training at is being closed down for financial reasons. It doesn’t affect my clinic practice, but does affect where I’ll be doing my inpatient rounds every 6 weeks with the residents. I hope something better comes from this both for the community and the employees that were affected!


September: Mark has a few work trips planned after a hiatus for the summer. I will be going to Amsterdam with him for a weekend. We’re also going to see Yayoi Kusama again, and I’m trying to plan another trip to Orlando.

October: This month I have a conference in Baltimore. It’s a mind-body medicine conference that I am very excited about. We also have the residency retreat, and I’m also going to visit my friend Cara with my other friend Katie.

November: Nothing planned for this month besides Thanksgiving so far!

December: Trying to plan a trip with my sister/Anish for NYE. Soon after that (early January actually) I’m going to Iceland with Mark.


I’m not going to make any promises, but I will try my darndest to update this more often.

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