this week on Amazon: 10.20.17

Week two of this blog already! This week’s recommendations are much more random than last week, but they’re even better IMHO. Anyway, here are this week’s Amazon recommendations from an self-diagnosed Amazon addict:

Sun protection: I actually bought this on Sephora, but it is much cheaper on Amazon, and totally legitimate. It’s a great daily sunscreen by a Korean company (K-Beauty is the best) and is amazing. It is lightweight but works great. Wearing sunscreen on your face and neck (and décolletage if visible) every day is the best thing you can do for your face!Neogen Dermalogy Day-Light Protection Sun Screen 50ml/1.65FL.OZ. SPF50/PA+++ Intensive Defense Against UVA/UVB Rays

Exfoliation: This works better than a face mask at exfoliation and moisturizing, and it smells like wine. Enough said? It’s another K-Beauty success story and another product sold for much more $ on Sephora.Neogen Dermalogy Bio-Peel Gauze Peeling Wine, 200ml, 30 Count

Insect repellent: If you are planning on visiting anywhere with Zika, or going camping or to anywhere insect-prone, this is a must. It is super strong, much stronger than most insect repellents because it actually has permethrin in it. Make sure you are spraying this directly on your tent or clothing and not on your body. It works!

For kids: Looking for a present for a child? This is the coolest thing I’ve seen lately. It’s Lego-compatible tape! You can line a wall, a box, a bed, a table – whatever you want with this tape. Fostering creativity, etc, etc. They even have more color options if you’re trying to match a room.

Water shoes: These are great water shoes. I have them in black, but this color is great too. I cut my foot on some lava rock just walking on the beach in Hawaii, and immediately bought these online for further water-related adventures. Ouch.