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resolution time?

I figured this would happen. But the last two months just got unexpectedly (but maybe not so unexpectedly) busy. So, it’s 2018. A new year. Time people make resolutions. I posted some general resolutions on Facebook earlier this week, but I’ll go into further depth on this blog.

  1. Don’t diet. Instead make lifestyle changes, lifestyle changes, lifestyle changes. Please don’t diet. Diets set you up for failure, mess with your metabolism, and cause forever yo yo-ing (how do you write yo yo-ing?) of weight. Instead, if you want your body to change, make lifestyle changes that you can maintain without suffering. It might take longer to get the weight off, but it will last. Eat more vegetables, eat healthy fats, don’t deprive yourself completely of your favorite foods, work on portion control, drink more water, and move more. A side tip, never mention diets and weight in front of children. I’ve seen little girls as young as four talk about calories and pinch their skin talking about fat. Create a healthy mindset about food and exercise and pass that on to younger generations.
  2. Move. Exercise in ways that don’t feel like chores – take fun classes, go skiing, hike outside, walk your dog, dance, anything you think you’d enjoy. Enjoy the process and it’s something you can continue for the rest of your life. I also use the word “move” to encourage travel. Road trips, outdoor adventures, or overseas trips if you’re able. All are amazing for the mind + soul. See a doctor once a year and talk to them if you are having difficulty with your weight, there may be a medical cause.
  3. Less screen time. I feel as though 90% of the day I am on my phone or a computer. I interact with patients and then immediately go back to my computer and type up notes/put in orders. Precepting with the residents, I’m basically on the computer the whole time. My phone seems as though it’s an appendage of my body these days. I have found that when I’m away from screens, time slows down! Less screen time will hopefully result in more time to read and create (more of that later).
  4. Reduce + reuse. I know everyone pushes recycling, which is great, but even better is to reduce or reuse. Buy better quality products, but fewer of them! For example, instead of 10 cheap sweaters, buy one of great quality that will last you forever. In fact, reduce buying in general – I know I have so many things that I bought that I really didn’t need; they are just collecting dust in my house and one day will just be thrown out. So wasteful! Buy food with less packing waste – buy in bulk bags (nuts, seeds, rice) when you are able. Refill water bottles instead of buying disposable ones – I’m using Hydroflask, and I love it. It comes in several sizes and colors, and it  keeps my water ice cold all day long. And reuse. This is something I need to work on. Reuse bags, boxes, jars, whatever you can, before throwing them out/recycling them.
  5. Read. I am going to try and read one book a month. It seems like the easiest task ever, but I get so caught up in my screens that it’s hard to make time for reading.
  6. Give. Give more presents to people, give more hugs, volunteer. Give yourself a break! Giving is the best thing you can do. If you can’t afford to donate money, donate your time – there are so many organizations to get involved with out there.
  7. Create. I’m going to work on writing more, but I also am going to work on watercolors and work on cooking and baking more. But create in any way you choose – write, paint, draw, dance, make music, etc.

That’s it for now. I’ll try to post more regularly (#7 up there) while still not increasing my screen time (#3).